Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce

Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce

Our signature product, the Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce, was adopted from an old family recipe to provide our customers with a hot sauce that was packed with health benefits, full of flavour and still maintain a reasonable level of heat. Most of the products available at the time were not appropriate for our customers because they used flour or starch to bulk up the product, they had added sugar and added salt and most had some form of artificial preservatives to increase their shelf lives.
The benefits of Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce arise from the following natural ingredients: scotch bonnet peppers, carrots, garlic, onions, chayote, dry mustard, vinegar and oil:

The benefits include:

  •  The combination of natural ingredients adds heat and flavour to your food without the side effects of gluten(from starch or flour) which our competitors use to bulk up their hot sauces.
  • It is loaded with anti-oxidants – Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and B9 and Vitamin C which fight free radicals in your body
  •  The high content of Capsaicin helps with cancer prevention, increases metabolism which forces fat cells to be used as energy and helps in weight loss.
  •  Fact that there is No SALT, No SUGAR, No GLUTEN, and No ARTIFICIAL COLOURING OR PRESERVATIVES ADDED avoids the side effects of these ingredients which are found in most hot sauces.
  •  Prevents blood clotting by acting as a natural blood thinner while lowering (blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar), and boost the immune system to fight off potential disease and maintain health.
  •  Expedites the removal of waste products from the body.

These statements are by no means prescriptive, but are simple indications of the benefits these ingredients could deliver in terms of health benefits.