Treat your hair and skin with the best skin product available, Sheabutter.

Treat your hair and skin with the best skin product available, Sheabutter.

In partnership with Naturelle Sustenance, Mugena Enterprises Incorporated carries a range of high quality pure sheabutter products sourced directly from Tamale in Ghana. The sheabutter is produced by a cooperative using non-GMO sheanuts picked in the wild. The products from the sheabutter are prepared and packaged in Canada for marketing in Canada and the USA. We carry the white and yellow varieties of pure sheabutter. The difference is that the yellow sheabutter includes a root called burtutu in its processing and this is what gives it the yellow color.

Pure Sheabutter products currently available are:
8oz Jar of Pure white sheabutter
8oz Jar of Pure yellow sheabutter
5oz Jar of Pure white sheabutter
5 oz Jar of Pure yellow sheabutter
1.5lb block of pure white sheabutter
1.5lb block of pure yellow sheabutter

We are projecting to have the following Naturelle Sustenance Pure sheabutter
products available soon:

What is Shea butter?
Shea butter is a unique substance made from raw fats extracted from shea nut that can be used both internally and externally to improve your health.
Shea butter is made from a type of fat that is found in the nuts of an African tree – the shea tree. Scientifically known as Vitellaria paradoxa, when the fat is extracted from the nut, it can be processed in various ways to make it more versatile and useful, both in food preparation and cosmetic products.  [1]  As a triglyceride, this butter is primarily composed of oleic and stearic acids, both of which have a wide range of effects on human health.

In Europe and North America, shea butter is typically found in cosmetics
and certain chocolate recipes, but in other parts of the world, this rich fat is also
popular as an ingredient in food. Contrary to what some people believe, it is edible, provided you use it in moderation. Similar to olive oil, shea butter comes in various forms, such as organic, unrefined, and raw, which designate how much processing and bleaching it has undergone.

Shea Butter Benefits
The most recognized benefits of shea butter include effects
like moisturizing the skin, reducing inflammation, preventing premature aging,
protecting cardiovascular health, and lightening the skin, among others.

The fatty acids in this butter are known to penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients and antioxidants deep into the skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy.  [3]

Hair Care
Using shea butter on your scalp and hair can help to increase growth, prevent hair loss, and reduce inflammation.  [4]  This simple fix can lead to less dandruff.

Applying this substance to itchy or irritated areas of the body can help to quickly relieve discomfort and soothe conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema,
or  rosacea .  [5]

Skin Care
Regularly applying this fat-rich butter to your skin can eliminate rough skin and boost skin tone by encouraging circulation and repair of damaged skin cells.

Premature Aging
The antioxidant activity of certain active compounds in this butter, such as linolenic and linoleic acid can help to prevent oxidative stress in the skin, which can reduce the likelihood of wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of premature aging.  [6]

Stretch Marks
Following rapid weight change (pregnancy, crash diet, etc.), your body may develop stretch marks that can be difficult to eliminate. Thanks to the skin lightening properties of this natural butter, you can make the stretch marks less
noticeable.  [7]

Diaper Rash
Popular with new parents, shea butter can help protect your child against one of the most irritating and annoying conditions of infancy – diaper rash. Daily application of a small amount can keep them feeling good all day!