Uses of the Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce

USES – The following are some of the ways you can use the Mugena Hot Pepper sauce

  •  Add on any savoury food
  • Add to Scrambled eggs
  • Pasta sauce for heat and flavour
  • Stews and soups for flavour and heat
  • In marinating your meats and seafood for flavour and heat
  • In your BBQ sauce to enhance the heat and flavour
  • Add to your sandwich for heat and flavour
  • As part of Gift basket to a family member or friend who loves pepper sauce.

Particularly good in Christmas, Birthday, Easter and Wedding Gift baskets

  • Add to your vegetable stir fry to spice it up


The Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce can be used in any recipe which calls for using pepper sauce. It is recommended to use it in small amounts to start with and adjust to your taste. It can be quite hot for some customers and yet not so hot for others. For most uses and users a small amount goes a long way.
Because it is consumption ready, it can be added to any savoury food right at the time of consumption.
Similarly for food being cooked such as soups, stews and stir fries, the Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce, can be added at anytime during the cooking process. Key is to start with a small amount and adjust to your taste.
For scrambled eggs, add a half a teaspoon to two eggs before beating and then scramble. Same with fried eggs and For BBQ, you can thoroughly mix a small amount of the Mugena Hot Pepper sauce with the BBQ sauce and apply to your meat while it is cooking on the grill.
In marinating meats or seafood, it is best to add a small amount of the Mugena Hot Pepper Sauce to the marinade and rub into the meat or seafood and let stand for at least half an hour prior to cooking.